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The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: 25th Anniversary Box Set

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: 25th Anniversary Box Set

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"The Wizard of Oz": Follow the yellow-brick road! A faithful feature-length animated adaptation of L. Frank Baum's imaginative fairy tale containing scenes from the book not included in the MGM classic from 1939. "Marvelous Land of Oz": Introduces Princess Ozma, enchanted as the boy Tip, who discovers his/her true identity after adventures involving Jack Pumkinhead, the Sawhorse, the Scarecrow, and other characters in Oz. "Ozma of Oz": Dorothy revisits the Land of Oz and encounters a group of Wheelers (fuzzy creatures with wheels instead of feet) and a friendly robot-like character named Tik Tok. On a mission to help save the Royal Family of Ev, Dorothy is reunited with the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, and the Lion, and meets Ozma, the Princess of Oz. "The Emerald City of Oz": The Nome King plots his revenge against the Oz people, who narrowly defeated him in "Ozma of Oz". Working with the help of Guph, an invasion specialist, the Nome King and his troops tunnel under the Deadly Desert with the aim of enslaving the people of the Emerald City.

 These were the edited episodes...that aired on HBO in the late 1980s early 90s.

Studio Name: E1 Entertainment

Format: DVD
Screen Format: Full Frame
Run Time (in minutes): 360 minutes
Language: English
Audio Tracks: AC, Stereo 2.0