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Songs From The Beginner's Bible

Songs From The Beginner's Bible

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Jodi Benson's Songs From The Beginner's Bible CD 
Track Listing

1. Children Listen/Creation

2. Me For You, You For Me

3. The Tower Of Babel

4. Get Along Little Camel/Camel Suite

5. Voice In The Night

6. Shadrach, Meshach And Abednego

7. The Christmas Card

8. Here In My Heart

9. Good Fish

10. All The Children

In this album produced by Chris Harris & Don Wise, alongside executive producer, Peter York this album from 1991 features Jodi Benson (The voice of the Little Mermaid) She helps children Bible stories as scripture comes alive in music and in song. With the very entertaining voice of Jodi Benson  and several other actors and characters your children and grandchildren can learn these Biblical principles and stories, and join in all the fun!

In a interview with Christianity Today magazine, in 2008 a question had been asked to Jodi by one of the interviewers of the magazine. I think all of you would enjoy reading about this and her response. As you read you will also notice that Jodi is a wonderful Christian homeschooling Mother to her son, McKinley and their daughter,Delaney.

"A 3-year-old friend of mine wanted to know if you're really the girl who has everything. Are you like Ariel when she sings "Part of Your World"?

Yes, I am! I've been given so much. I have a great family and good friends. God has blessed me. And I take being a role model very seriously. When I do concerts, Disney lets me say whatever I want. I sing "Part of Your World" at each concert. I love singing it. I tell the mostly secular audiences, "God has allowed me to share this song with you, and you are part of his world." I'm blessed to have this platform.".   Another part of the interviews is as follows

What influenced you to homeschool your kids / How did that change your plans?

I never wanted to homeschool. When we lived in Los Angeles I enrolled my son in an elite preschool, like everyone else did. He cried for six months. One day I dropped him off and we were both in tears as I pried McKinley off my leg. 


Then he said, "Mom, if you promise me this is the last day I have to come here, I'll be OK." I said, "This is the last day." Then I went to the office and removed him from the school. The principal told me this was the biggest mistake I'd ever make, but I knew my son needed to be home with me. Then we moved from Los Angeles to Georgia, to be near Ray's family. Private school was out of our budget, and I knew I was supposed to keep homeschooling. It's been five years now. It can be the hardest thing. Some days, I hear the school bus pull up in the morning to pick up other kids, and I want to run out with my kids in their jammies. But God called me to homeschool to show me his power. People ask me if I'm going to homeschool my kids all through high school. I say, "Let's just deal with today, I can't think about next year." I'm blessed to have great support from the other homeschool mothers in our co-op. If the day comes when God says go to school, he'll provide the school.

She currently lives in Georgia with her husband, Ray Benson, and their son, McKinley, and daughter, Delaney.

Take a look at this amazing video about Jodi in very special interview -